Expanded Planned Flights Between Dawson City & Fairbanks Can Go Ahead

Golden Heart Plaza.
Fairbanks' "Unknown First Family" (which includes a husky) at Golden Heart Plaza. 
This fall, Holland America - Princess rerouted its trips between Dawson City and Fairbanks. The buses that once took their travelers to Fairbanks from Dawson City were now replaced by international planes.

When the new plans were made, U.S. Customs officials balked at the idea of nine weekly Air North landings. They didn't have enough staff in Fairbanks to handle the influx of travelers.

The lack of customs staff caused an uproar in Fairbanks. Deb Hickok, of the Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau, coordinated the charge to allow the flights to come in, and to improve customs staffing.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski showed her support, Air North -- the airline carrier -- appealed, and by mid November, U.S. Customs added three year round staff at Fairbanks International, so the plan can proceed.