Bearfoot Travel Guides Are Alaska's Local Roadside Magazines

There are currently three "Bearfoot" guides -- the Anchorage & Kenai Bearfoot, the East Alaska (Glenn & Richardson Highway) Bearfoot, and the Parks Highway Bearfoot. Together, these three publications cover all the towns and communities in rural roadside Alaska.

Bearfoot readers at Matanuska Glacier on the Glenn Highway.

Bearfoot began in a small log cabin in Gakona, Alaska, back in 1986, as a single publication for the eastern side of Alaska, north and south of Gakona. Eventually, this publication became the "East Alaska Bearfoot." Soon after, the Parks Highway and Anchorage-Kenai Bearfoots were added to the lineup.

Bearfoot Travel Magazines are "real" guides, offered free to the public, in over 300 locations on Alaska's road system. They feature each community along the way, offering insight, photographs, and maps to help travelers understand Alaska -- and to help local businesses make contact with the traveling public.

Keyed to what are known as "independent" travelers (people who are not in a mass tour, or on a cruise), Bearfoot showcases Alaska to the traveling explorer in a way you'll find nowhere else.

Bearfoot Guides are available, free to the traveling
public, in 60 roadside communities. 
After 28 years in business, Bearfoot Travel Magazines have become Alaska's largest travel publications, with more visitors to Alaska reading the Bearfoot than any other publications.


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